Emily Remler - Brilliant promise - tragic loss.

Emily Remler Trio – Live At The Blue Note – 1985 – Past Daily Downbeat

Emily Remler – Brilliant promise – tragic loss.

Emily Remler Trio – Live At The Blue Note, New York – August 10, 1985 –

The Emily Remler Trio this weekend – recorded live at The Blue Note in New York City on August 10, 1985 and featuring Paul Socolow on bass and Bob Moses on drums.

Possibly not a name many Jazz aficionados might be familiar with – probably because a phenomenal guitarist with a promising future wound up being a victim of addiction and dying at an early age (32) of what was listed as a Heart Attack could very well have been an overdose. But it doesn’t matter – a loss is still a loss, no matter how it’s interpreted.

An excellent and informative article in the Jazz Magazine Premier Guitar by Tzvi Gluckin in 2014 sheds more light:

“In 1990 she was on tour in Australia. She took something—probably an opiate like heroin or dilaudid—and died. The New York Times obituary called it a heart attack. She was only 32.

“I may look like a nice Jewish girl from New Jersey, but inside I’m a 50-year-old, heavyset black man with a big thumb, like Wes Montgomery,” Remler told People Magazine. She was talking about an aesthetic, a sound and style she aspired to. It was funny. But in reality, Remler was a nice Jewish girl from New Jersey.

She was positive. She loved music. Her appreciation for other musicians and styles was genuine. She heard a musician’s personality in their playing. And she wasn’t self-righteous—not about her art, not about her audience, and not about other musicians. According to Ra-Kalam Moses, “Humility and openness, that was her core.”

Her focus was music. She had to deal with prejudice and stupidity, but she wasn’t bitter. She just got good. She lived in a world that made gender an issue, so she proved that it wasn’t. Emily Remler’s legacy is not that she was a great woman in jazz. She was simply a remarkable musician.”

If you’re not familiar, by all means, press Play – if you are, you’re well into the gig by now.

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