Tik Tu

Tik Tu - gradually getting the word out - war or no war.

Tik Tu – In Session/In Concert – 2016-2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music From Ukraine.

Tik Tu
Tik Tu – gradually getting the word out – war or no war.

Tik Tu tonight – Continuing our Voices From The Ukraine series we started right around the time of the Russian invasion. With news of this latest flurry of indiscriminate attacks on civilians and infrastructure, it’s time again to renew faith the good guys are going to win. But despite everything, music is still flourishing and sessions are still happening. And for that, the rest of the world is grateful.

Tik Tu” is an experimental band from Ternopil combining elements of funk, dubstep, folk music (of Ukraine, different African regions, etc), live and electronic instruments.

Since the first live concert in 2014, the band has visited many music festivals (“Jazz Koktebel”, “Faine Misto”, “Zakhidfest”, “Banderstadt”, “Coda Fest”), has played concerts in Poland and the Netherlands.

In 2017, the composition “Malenki Maliusiky” [tiny little ones] was used in commercials of the spring-summer collection of the British independent fashion house “Wolf & Badger“. Critics noted that this is a small, yet important promotion of the Ukrainian language and music internationally.

Musicians of the band, Natalka Bahrii, Roman Bozhko and Oleksandr Drachuk, are multi-instrumentalists, so do not be surprised that there are much more instruments than musicians. Violins, flutes, guitars, pipe organ, banjo and electronic samplers, all of it in the arsenal, and the list is not full. The musicians play changing and complementing each other, creating a performative action.

“Tik Tu” (from Lithuanian) means “only you”. So, we are waiting for only you to decide to come to the concert. Only you are able to change the world by your ideas, only you can manage not to miss any event of PLAN B festival.

This is a sampling of sorts – a live studio session from 2016 and an appearance at a Music Awards show in 2022 – all featuring the spellbinding sonic atmosphere that has made them so popular throughout Europe.

Listen, enjoy and do what you can to help.

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