You and The Future.

You and the future - not speaking to each other.

It’s May 1968 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – The Future Freaks You Out.

You and The Future.
You and the future – not speaking to each other.

No doubt about it, you’re stuck right in the middle; bad news everywhere. You can’t escape it. You wake up in the morning, get ready for school – your mom has the radio on. The news is weird. People are dying like flies – war all over the place. You liked last year so much. What happened?

You hate oatmeal – you want a cigarette and a cup of coffee. You can’t smoke in the house and your dad says you’re too young to drink coffee. All your friends do – they have cool parents. You don’t.

It’s World War Three where you live. Your parents don’t understand you. Your dad builds swimming pools. Your mom watches too much TV. She knows things, she’s heard about hippies. My friends are the enemy. Your dad thinks you getting drafted will “straighten you out”. He’s eyeing your bedroom. They both want you to get your hair cut.

It’s not even June and you think the year has gone on too long. But you’re in no hurry to see what 1969 is about. That’s the future. The rate you’re going, there won’t be a future.

Your friends are stuffing envelopes and going door-to-door at the Robert Kennedy For President headquarters. They want you to come with them. Your parents hate Robert Kennedy – they voted for Goldwater in ’64. You know it’s going to be another nuclear showdown if you tell them. You make up excuses – you make excuses all the time. Last time you made excuses it was your girlfriend. Your parents hated your girlfriend – she strung beads and bells and wore patchouli – she didn’t wear shoes a lot. They were glad you broke up. You weren’t. You liked her – a lot. She met somebody else – she pretends you don’t exist.

You don’t really think you’re made for these times. But you can’t figure out what times you were made for. You need to meet somebody – you need to tell secrets and fall in love – that would make everything bearable. Maybe the future.

You need a cup of coffee. . . and a Marlboro.

And there’s always your radio – and The Real Don Steele on this May 18, 1968. Just the thing to fix you up.

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