At the Swiss Border - 1940 - According to Berne, Switzerland was about the only safe place to be.

October 19, 1940 – Message From Berne – Gazing At Europe – Stumping For Votes At Home.

At the Swiss Border – 1940 – According to Berne, Switzerland was about the only safe place to be.

MBS – Sigrid Schultz Report – October 19, 1940 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October4 19, 1940 – news for this day came by way of Berne, Switzerland and a report from Berlin Correspondent Sigrid Schultz who was at the Swiss capitol. As from air raid sirens (one of which is heard during the broadcast), Switzerland seemed like one of the few safe spots in the world this day, certainly as far as Europe was concerned. As for the rest; that nagging feeling Britain was about to be invaded by Germany, and numerous scenarios were put forth, posing questions over whether the invasion would begin with Paratroops dropping ahead of an invasion by air, or an invasion by sea which would require several points for landing. All being considered, but Germany wasn’t dropping any hints, except an invasion was an almost sure thing.

Meanwhile, the rest of Europe was falling in line behind this New World Order and the picture was looking bleak. Switzerland seemed to be escaping the brunt of the war, even though word came down that rationing would be shortly in effect. Despite its adamant position as a neutral, many were wondering if Switzerland was merely not being bothered with or there was something lurking in the offing. It was hard to tell.

So while America was getting ready to go to the polls and select either a new President or keep the old one, Europe was busy being consumed by war with the siege of Britain going on relentlessly. And that was a little of what went on, this October 19th in 1940 as reported by Sigrid Schultz reporting from Berne, Switzerland.

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