Temples - Further evidence Psych ain't dead. Never was - never going to be.

Temples – Live In Berlin – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth.

Temples – Further evidence Psych ain’t dead. Never was – never going to be.

Temples – live in Berlin – November 27, 2019 – RBB Berlin – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Temples in concert tonight, recorded in Berlin on November 27, 2019 for RBB Berlin.

Psychedelia as a genre seems to make the rounds every decade or so. Sometimes it sounds like a rather mundane “tribute” to the 60s, while other times the initial form is there, but its been added on to – updating it, bringing a few new ideas here and there. I’ve always felt Psychedelia was a fertile playground and it has fit in nicely (when it’s been done well) with just about every decade from the 60s on.

Temples arrived on the scene in 2012, primarily as a homegrown affair, but as time went on, and as popularity spread, they became a full-fledged band and broke through in 2014 with their highly memorable Shelter Song, which still gets airplay (from some of the more adventuresome FM stations still on the air) and which broke them in the U.S. via a live appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. In 2016 were declared Best New Band by several publications.

This gig in Berlin, coincides with the release of their third album, Hot Motion which came in September of that year. It marks an association with a new label and some personnel changes. But Temples is still there, still intact and still one of those bands that make for repeated listening.

So far, they’ve only posted one upcoming gig on their website – at Croc The Rock Festival in Etagnières, Switzerland on October 28. Hopes are one of the Swiss stations run the Festival – it would be nice hear what they’re up to post-pandemic.

At any rate, dive into this Berlin gig and head over to their site to grab some discs if you haven’t already.

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