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Talkin’ about Sports – Talkin’ about Football – Talkin’ about Fordham University – 1953

Ask The Sports World – October 24, 1953 – NBC Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Ask The Sports World – Heading into Football season for this October 24th broadcast in 1953. Starting off this broadcast, Ask The Sports World is an interview with Ed Danowski, head coach for the Fordham University Rams, a team Danowski played for in the 1930s, who returned in the 1950s to coach the team and revitalize the program which Fordham dropped during the war and was only recently reviving. Daniowski answers a battery of questions which are posed by listeners who write in, not necessarily asking about Fordham football but Football in general which he gives listeners plenty to chew on during this season in 1953.

But the program isn’t about Football exclusively – also featured are appearances by Patty Berg, talking about the increasing interest in Women’s Golf both as players as well as spectators. Berg discusses her own career, the future of Women’s Golf and her main competitor Babe Zaharias.

Boxing is also given a spotlight by way of an interview with Roland La Starza who was. He’ Heavyweight contender for the World’s title. He’s asked what it was like, getting hit by Rocky Marciano, whom La Starza had been attempting to unseat from the title. He’s asked if College-trained fighters are a good thing or a bad thing and what kind of fighter will eventually take the title away from Marciano.

And finally, Track and Field gets represented by Bernie Meyer from NYU who was making headlines as part of the New York Pioneer Club and is asked who he thinks will break the record in the 16 pound shot put.

And that’s some of the areas in sports being covered by this episode of Ask The Sports World from NBC Radio, broadcast on October 24, 1953.

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