A typical Phish concert - the vibes are palpable and overflowing.

Phish – Live In Barcelona – 1998 – Past Daily Soundbooth (In Memory Of Nora)

A typical Phish concert – the vibes are palpable and overflowing.

Phish – In concert – Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain – July 8, 1998 – band soundboard –

I haven’t posted a Phish concert for a very long time. No reason, other than Phish fans are legion, they are a tight-knit group – they know every note and every word to every song and no doubt this concert is in just about Phish fan’s library. Most of what this site is about is running music you may have missed, never heard, forgot about or was lurking on the fringes. I don’t think there is anything I can possibly add to the conversation.

But there’s another reason I’m posting a Phish concert tonight – and it’s a personal one. Please bear with me. I have a very dear friend, a woman I have known for a very long time. She and her husband are diehard Phish fans. Fans to the point of hitting the road and catching their concerts even if they were performing several states away. Phish fans, I understand are a bit like DeadHeads – miles make no difference. It’s the performance and seeing a band you love that counts. And seeing Phish live counted with them.

Nora and Matt met each other and shared a mutual love for Phish – eventually sharing a love for each other. The love got serious and a few years ago they got married and moved back to Nora’s home state of Ohio. They continued their travels, catching Phish every chance they could, but eventually responsibilities and day-to-day life took over. Nora became a Psychologist and a little less than a year ago became a mother. Certainly curtailed the spur-of-the-moment road trips to see Phish but it didn’t diminish their love for the band.

Nothing could prepare me for the shock and piercing sadness when Matt disclosed earlier today that Nora had unexpectedly died, victim of a condition she had for a while but which had gotten worse during her pregnancy. Nora was a woman who had an enormous love of life and of people – she struck people by her kindness and sincerity and her willingness to help out in any way she could for anyone who needed it. Her husband Matt is the same way – they were a gifted match and proof there are no accidents in this world.

Sadly, because this was so sudden, there is the overwhelming burden of all that burials and memorials and hospitals entail. And because of that, the family has put together a GoFundMe campaign in order to help pay bills. If you can, do what you can – Nora was a very special person, one of the truly unique souls that appear all too briefly in life. As a way of being of service to the family, I have put the link in this post. Obviously there is no obligation – but if you knew her, you will know what a loss this is for all of us.

So I’m running this concert tonight in memory of Nora; a person very much loved and who loved Phish very much.

Here is the link: https://gofund.me/875a1c15

Nora and Matt – Phish fans forever.
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