Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin – in the middle of negotiations, a Peace Prize

– October 28, 1978 – Sadat-Begin Peace Prize + other news – CBS/NBC Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 28, 1978 began on a hopeful note – announced the previous evening, the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize was being awarded to Egypt‘s Anwar Sadat and Israel‘s Menachem Begin. The reason – the work being done to secure some semblance of peace in the Middle East. No easy task and one where negotiations were still underway at the time of the announcement from the Nobel Committee.

Jumping the gun? Perhaps. It ultimately spelled a death sentence for Anwar Sadat because his overtures to a peaceful settlement in the Middle East and his visit to Israel in 1977 sealed his fate with hardliners.

But on this day, it was a hopeful sign and acknowledgement that some progress was, at long last, being made and a peace prize was being award to Sadat and Begin.

While the rest of the world spun recklessly on.

In Beirut, U.S. Representative Stephen Solarz of New York, in town on a fact-finding mission found the limousine he was riding in caught in sniper crossfire. Several shots hit the car but Solarz was uninjured.

Ten U.S. Navy crewmen, survivors of a plane crash in the north Pacific were headed to the Soviet Union aboard a Russian trawler ro receive medical attention there before flying back to the U.S. Three other crewmen were known dead and two were still missing as of news time and the search for them continued.

In Milan Italy, alleged Red Brigade leader Corado Aluni was sentenced to seven years and a month in prison for terrorist activities in1 1975. Aluni was also charged with masterminding the kidnap and murder of Aldo Morro earlier in the year. He had not been tried or sentenced yet for that.

And the Rhodesian Military command announced the death of a New Jersey man who had served as a mercenary fighter in Rhodesia’s war against Black Guerrilla forces. The mercenary was the third American killed in that long battle, which had spread to Mozambique and Zambia.

And that’s a small slice of what went on in the world, this October 28, 1978 as reported by CBS Hourly News and NBC Hourly News.

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