War In Europe

Europe at War - 1918 - That unmistakable feeling nothing was learned.

War In Europe -1939 – Meet The New War, Just Like The Old War – Forever 1918 – Past Daily Reference Room.

War In Europe
Europe at War – 1918 – That unmistakable feeling nothing was learned.

America’s Town Meeting – The Reasons Behind The War In Europe – October 19, 1939 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

War In Europe – the same old story. The politics of power. The inability to peacefully settle differences – the strange gift of hindsight. The issues confronting Europe during this first month of War; a war that seemed to have not ended in 1918. A war that covered the same old ground and a war that was sure to drag on for a veritable eternity.

The issues of land, of national interests, how Germany was allowed to re-arm and retool for another war, while the rest of the world was trying to wage peace and the bad economic situations taking place throughout the world were all factors contributing to the instability.

This episode of the what was normally a debate program, America’s Town Meeting, was given over to three different views as to what the reasons were for the current War In Europe.

The reasons varied – from saying it was an extension of 1914, to saying there was a brief respite before other wars started – they mention the Japanese incursion into China – the Spanish Civil War. The Russian Revolution right at the end of World War 1; these were elements that created an instability in the world. The rise of Adolf Hitler and the Austrian question – the Czechoslovak question and ultimately, the Polish question.

And as is always the case, speculation that perhaps this war could have been prevented had Britain, France and Czechoslovakia acted on Hitler’s demand for the Sudeten region in 1938 – how an armed conflict then would have prevented a greater armed conflict a year later. All hypotheticals, even though taking into consideration that what had been concluded by way of Armistice less than twenty-five years earlier also brought about a terrible economic situation throughout the world. And how so much of Europe had been physically devastated by the 1914 war, not to mention the toll in human life didn’t seem like such a factor in the latest conflict. That maybe appeasement in lieu of creating another war was just the preferable thing to do, since the world by and large lost the stomach for it.

But the fascinating part about history, particularly the kind that unfolds into chaos is that no one knew at the time how any of it would wind up. That the speakers and the audience of this program are as much in the dark over what was to come as anyone. The war in Europe of 1939 would be far different than the War of 1914 – from a tactical standpoint as well a technological one. This was uncharted territory that no one had a clue as to how the outcome would be.

Here is that episode of America’s Town Meeting from October 19, 1939 as presented by the NBC Network.

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