Europe At War – November 9, 1941 – Maybe Not By Christmas.

German Offensive in Russia
In Europe, German Radio was no longer boasting the war would be over by Christmas.

November 9, 1941 – War News Roundup – NBC Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

November 9, 1941 – Two years into the War in Europe, the boasts that Germany would see an end to fighting and be the victors by Christmas were fading quickly. In some quarters, wildly optimistic reports claimed perhaps by Spring of 1942. But the upbeat claims were falling silent, as had Radio Berlin itself more frequently in recent days. It was becoming more apparent that, rather than a quick victory, Germans were told to prepare for hard times to come. Germany’s campaign into Russia was bogging down from a combination of the infamous Russian Winter and from counter-offenses by the Soviet Army. Discussions taking place over British-Russian cooperation in the Balkans campaign, and attention being placed on the Middle-East.

Meanwhile, German Bombing runs over Britain were continuing with raids over London and Dover. To most Britons it was being taken matter-of-factly and life was going on. The numbers of people sleeping in air-raid shelters had dropped. More than 100,000 of the 1 million children evacuated from London at the start of the war had since returned. However, this seeming complacency among British civilians was disturbing to some. Many felt the only way to end that complacency was from an invasion of Britain or opening a new front, and that they also felt there was little need for America to officially join in the war as they were more-or-less engaged in the fighting anyway. The feeling among most Britons was that it was only a matter of time before the war would be over, but rather than Germany being victorious, it would be Britain. When asked just how that was going to happen the answers came back “Churchill knows how, and he’ll see to it”. British Air Raids over Germany were continuing and stepping up in intensity.

During this roundup of reports from the fighting fronts in Europe, a report from Stockholm, Sweden discussing the latest developments in Finland were heavily censored, and the report was abruptly terminated.

That’s a very small sample of news reports, during this half-hour news roundup from the various fighting fronts throughout Europe, via the NBC Blue Network.

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