Embarrassed? Don’t Be – You Can Still Subscribe To Past Daily.

Embarrassed you come here every day and don’t kick in – You can still subscribe, you know.

(The Zelinsky String Quartet with Adrian Rollini, Vibes – 1937)

I know – you’re embarrassed. You come by every day to see what Past Daily has posted – sometimes you spend whole afternoons digging around the archives. Or you just realized there’s 10,000 posts (and counting) that are loaded with history and music and people and pop culture. You tell your friends. You bookmark us. You swear up and down the next time they have a fundraiser . . .

And then you think “I can’t give these guys five bucks a month – I spend that much at Starbucks every day” – Five bucks is a princely sum where Past Daily is concerned. Because if enough of you kick in $5.00 we can pay the rent to keep the Archive open – repair the ancient equipment we use to digitize these relics – buy some new equipment to make the job a little easier.

We spend a lot of time on this site – writing posts – digitizing photos from our own library – making sure all the old and historic recordings sound like they were made yesterday. That takes time – a lot of time.

But we like history – we like discovering things, probably as much as you do – we like sharing things. We don’t want to be greedy and jealously guard all this history – we want to share it with you and we want to make it available because we have to. History is important – knowing things is important – discovering what the world is going is important – and we’re helping you do that.

And all for Five Bucks is kind of a bargain, you must admit. And the best part – when you subscribe you get to download and keep forever all the sounds we post here – our way of saying thank you and you’re worth it.

So you don’t need to be embarrassed any longer – just click on the red banner below for Patreon (if you want to take advantage of the free downloads) or be a monthly subscriber from PayPal or if you just feel like buying us a coffee every month, we’ll be happy – we’ll be thrilled – we’ll be grateful.

But above all, we need you.

And tell your friends!

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