Vietnam - And The war dragged on.

Vietnam - And The war dragged on.
Vietnam – And The war dragged on.

ABC News Around The World – December 2, 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Peace seemed to be the illusive goal, this December 2nd in 1967. With fighting in Vietnam continuing, B-52’s staging raids, South Vietnamese incursions into Cambodia and seemingly fruitless attempts at negotiations in Paris. the war in Vietnam seemed to have no end and no goal in sight.

But there was other news going on this day. Saber rattling in Turkey over the situation in Cyprus and the drumbeats for war were getting louder. Secretary of State Dean Rusk was scheduled to arrive at the United Nations to meet with Secretary General U Thant over the Vietnam and Cyprus situations. Meanwhile in Nicosia, President Johnson’s peace envoy Cyrus Vance was continuing his efforts to get Greek President Makarios to agree on a settlement over the current crisis. Many observers in Ankara, Turkey felt that, if there was no agreement between Makarios and the Turkish government over the Cyprus question, Turkey would have to prepare for war.

Rumors of replacing Defense Secretary Robert McNamara with former Texas Governor John Connolly were quashed by Connolly himself, who said he wasn’t a candidate for the job and wasn’t aware there was anyone in line for the job.

The Thai government was placing ten villages under Martial Law, as the result of terrorist activity in those villages which were located near Bangkok – at least 20 people had been killed in demonstrations in Thailand in the past few months.

In Central Java, rescue workers found 20 more bodies from the dam burst which had taken 160 lives so far. The unfinished dam burst after heavy rains hit the area earlier in the week.

Red China attacked the U.S., charging military jets attacked a Chinese freighter in the waters off North Vietnam. Beijing claimed some 8 crewmen of the freighter were wounded with U.S. Navy jets attacked the freighter earlier in the week. Sources in Saigon said no such attack took place.

Back home – negotiations in the Teachers strike in Scranton Pennsylvania were slated to continue. The Teachers strike shut down all of the Scranton schools the day before over a pay raise dispute.

And that’s a small slice of news for this December 2nd in 1967 as reported by ABC Radio.

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