Your Soulmate - Your life takes a turn for the strange. You don't care.

It’s December 1968 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your Parents Are Getting Divorced – You’re Moving To Garden Grove – You Met Your Soulmate – Life Is Complicated.

Your Soulmate – Your life takes a turn for the strange. You don’t care.

It had nothing to do with you – you got stuck in the middle of tirades, accusations and flying dishes. Gets bad at night – goes silent in the morning. You down a bowl of Rice Krispies and head out the door. You make your way to the bus stop – everybody looks sad at you. The only thing you have to be sad about is moving to Garden Grove to stay with your Aunt, who is a Jehovah’s Witness. But you are not sad – you are baffled.

Your dad has a girlfriend – your mom found the picture in his sock drawer. Hysterics got started around Thanksgiving morning – looking at the picture you understand why – the girlfriend looks familiar. The girlfriend got a divorce earlier in the year – the girlfriend has a daughter. The daughter is your age.

And then it gets complicated.

You had no idea – you met her on a field trip to the Museum. You’re both in Art Class – she draws flowers like there were never any flowers before. You look at each other and you swear she can see into your past life. This is the One. You have decided she’s your soulmate. Everybody likes her, but not like you do. She finishes your sentences – you both go to the Shrine Expo Hall on weekends. She knows Howl by heart. She smokes Tareyton’s and drinks black coffee and you could watch her stare off into space for the next century.

And she likes you – and you’ve been to her house – and you’ve met her mom. And her mom is your dad’s girlfriend. And you wonder if god has a sense of humor. You can’t wrap your head around the idea your soulmate could be your step-sister. You wonder if there’s a law.

But you’re leaving for Garden Grove until the dust settles – Christmas and Armageddon. You see your life vanish before your eyes. You plot. You wonder. And you plot some more.

And you discover Orange County may be hipper than you think – if listening to an hour’s worth of KTBT in Garden Grove is any indication.

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