XTC - In Concert 1978

XTC - Only 15 months into it - still getting their feet wet.

XTC In Concert – 1978 – Past Daily Soundbooth

XTC - In Concert 1978
XTC – Only 15 months into it – still getting their feet wet.

XTC – In Concert recorded for BBC Radio 1 – March 25, 1978 – BBC Radio 1 In Concert series –

XTC to get us up to Hump Day. One of their earliest broadcast concerts, only fifteen months together when this Radio 1/Radio 2 -Stereo Broadcast from March 25, 1978 happened.

Performed around the time of the release of their debut album, White Music and creating waves with audiences and critics alike, XTC would quickly become one of the mainstays of the Post-Punk/New Wave period and be one of the more influential bands in the process.

Countless artists since have cited them as a huge influence on their careers. The songwriting skills of Partridge and Moulding were many cuts ahead of the norm – their use of irony and turns of phrase established them as two of the most important artists of this genre.

Unfortunately, they didn’t do concerts very much since the early period – in fact, all touring had stopped in 1982 when the band decided on becoming a studio-based band, rather than a touring one.

Sadly, they broke up in 2006 – citing creative differences and a dissolving of the song-and-words partnership of Partridge and Moulding which made maintaining the band something of an impossibility.

Unless you were paying a lot of attention to the band, and following their every move, it’s possible you may have missed their live gigs entirely. Andy Partridge was infamous for his painful stage fright and high-voltage anxiety attacks before a show. And aside from a tour of the U.S. in the early 80s, the band pretty much stayed home. The legendary on-stage meltdown of Andy Partridge in Paris in March of 1982, brought that tour to an abrupt end and through into question the future of band.

But during their tenure they were an extraordinary gift to music – and even though they abandoned live performing in favor of staying in the studio relatively early on – what they produced has been played and enjoyed consistently for the eleven years since their breakup and the 34 years since they stopped playing concerts and clubs.

So, just a hunch but, it would be assumed you will be playing this at maximum volume – you know you want to. Forget the neighbors.

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