Jimmy Carter - Meet The Press - 1974

Jimmy Carter - 1976 was fast approaching.

Jimmy Carter – The Prospects For 1976 – December 15, 1974 – Past Daily Reference Room

Jimmy Carter – 1976 was fast approaching.

Jimmy Carter (D-Georgia) – Meet The Press – December 15, 1974 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

With the 1976 Presidential election less than two years away, the lineup of hopefuls was beginning to appear on the national horizon. Jimmy Carter, who had already served his allotted term as Governor of Georgia had just announced his intention to run for the White House only two days before this broadcast of Meet The Press during a luncheon at The National Press Club in Washington. Still working on establishing himself as a viable candidate and getting past the “who is Jimmy Carter?” stigma he was fighting against during the 1972 Presidential campaign, Carter was hitting the ground running for 1976. With a name recognition of 2% of the American public it was nowhere to go but up and his mantra became “Hi. My Name Is Jimmy Carter And I’m Running For President” – the strategy was to make this phrase so popular, and so relentless, that America would know who Jimmy Carter was whether they wanted to or not. In December 1974 it was a gamble whose success would be only gauged during Primary season.

On this episode of Meet The Press, it is ostensibly a meet-and-greet, hot off the heels of the National Press Club announcement. The questions are exploratory and the answers hoped to be revealing. 1976 may have been two years off, but as had been demonstrated earlier in the year, things change within seconds. America hadn’t experienced the resignation of a President in a very long time – elevating a former Governor and peanut farmer to the highest office in the land was no big deal by comparison. And Jimmy Carter was just as good a choice as any in 1976.

Here is that episode of Meet The Press with guest, Governor Jimmy Carter as it was broadcast on December 15, 1974.

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