President Eisenhower and NATO

President Eisenhower and NATO members in Paris - with a wheelbarrow full of olive branches.

President Eisenhower and NATO
President Eisenhower and NATO members in Paris – with a wheelbarrow full of olive branches.

NATO Summit and News of December 16, 1957 – MBS – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Opening of the NATO Peace Summit in Paris, this December 16th in 1957. With the arrival of President Eisenhower to open the conference, Eisenhower set the tone for the summit in his keynote address; holding open the possibilities of a Peace Summit with Moscow. He said the Western alliance was willing to join the Soviet Union in establishing controls for what he called “the vast physical forces that cast a pall over the world”. However, he warned that, until such controls could be reached, NATO must sustain the necessary strength to insure the common security.

In other news – The United States formally offered to stockpile nuclear warheads under American control in the territory of NATO nations. The offer was made to the conference by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, after President Eisenhower reaffirmed that America would aid any NATO member subjected to an armed attack.

And along the same lines as Olive Branches – West Germany’s Konrad Adenauer and Norway’s Premier Einar Gerhardsen proposed a new round of East-West peace talks to take place as soon as possible. Adenuaer suggested that plans for stationing American missiles in Europe be postponed for further study. While Gerhardsen announced that Norway had no plans to allow rocket bases on their territory and it was unlikely to in the future.

And the Navy Department disclosed that it didn’t want any publicity over the failure of its Vanguard Satellite failure because it believed the test was probably going to be unsuccessful anyway. The disclosure was made during hearings taking place on Capitol Hill with the Senate Preparedness Committee.

That’s just a little of what went on, for this December 16th in 1957, as reported by the Mutual/Don Lee Newsreel.

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