Steve Winwood - aka: Go-To Groove Merchant.

Steve Winwood – In Concert – 1997 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Steve Winwood – aka: Go-To Groove Merchant.

Steve Winwood – in concert – Manchester Opera House – 1997 – BBC Radio 2 In Concert

Steve Winwood to put you in a festive spirit without jamming you full of Christmas music. Recorded at The Manchester Opera House by BBC Radio 1 for their In Concert series and recently re-broadcast via BBC Radio 2.

Says something when you are a fan of an artist going on roughly 60 years (okay, 54 years). Steve Winwood has, to my ears, been a consistent positive force in music and has been since his formative days with the Spencer Davis Group, back when “Little Stevie” was fixed to his name.

But through stays with one iconic band after another, he hhjbbhas maintained solid artistry (not to mention a well preserved voice, that totally belies his age) and has evoked a certain musical excellence with all those associated with him. Says something when an artist not only maintains consistent high standards in his own playing, but inspires those musicians around him to do likewise. It makes for thoroughly engaged listening and one of the reasons that, for all the times I’ve seen Steve Winwood in concert over the decades, he has never turned in a bad performance. Clearly, the man loves what he does.

If you’re not familiar with the music of Steve Winwood, and you really should be, sit down for the next hour with this concert and then go exploring – there is a rich trove of great music he’s been producing for over five decades and you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by checking it out. There’s a lot to learn and to pick up on, and the nice part; Steve Winwood is constantly evolving.

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