Coal Miners in Silesia

Coal Miners protest in Silesia. Taking Solidarity a few hundred feet down.

Solidarity In Silesia – Miners On Strike – An Emergency In Stirling Heights – December 27, 1981 –

Coal Miners in Silesia
Coal Miners protest in Silesia. Taking Solidarity a few hundred feet underground.

– December 27, 1981 – CBS Radio News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

December 27, 1981 – Solidarity, despite official news reports to the contrary, was anything but dead. The protests now extended to the coal fields in Silesia, where over 1,000 Miners went on Strike, staying underground and refusing to leave as protest to Martial Law.

The situation was described as “difficult” when Polish Radio reported on the latest set of protests at the Piast Mine. The reports went on that attempts by authorities and members of the Miners families to begin talks. Broadcasts maintained that the situation throughout the country was “improving”, and that the strike at the Silesian mine was the last pocket of resistance. However, reports coming from other sources in Warsaw said Solidarity had been circulating clandestine bulletins, urging workers to strike. The bulletins also reported talks between Church officials and Communist party leaders were taking place, aimed at finding solutions to the crisis in the country. No further details were available.

Meanwhile, China expressed support for President Reagan‘s tough policy toward the Soviet Union. But at the same time, they voiced serious misgivings over the U.S. attitude toward third world countries and Taiwan.

And on the home front – 6,000 residents of the Detroit suburb of Stirling Heights were waiting to return to their homes, ending an evacutation which began the previous Saturday evening when 50,000 pounds of the swimming pool compound, Dry Chlorine, caught fire. Clouds of dangerous gas formed over the area, and Police were forced to evacuate a four-square mile area. Authorities didn’t know what caused the containers holding the chemicals to leak, but had managed to evacuate residents before any injuries or deaths occurred.

And along with continuing reports from Silesia, that’s a small chunk of news for this December 27, 1981 – as reported by CBS Radio‘s Hourly News, with commentary from the daily feature Spectrum.

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