Marching to Bastogne

Marching to Bastogne - Relief and a break in the weather.

Rescuing Bastogne – Battle Of The Bulge: A Break In Fortunes – December 28, 1944

Marching to Bastogne
Marching to Bastogne – Relief and a break in the weather.

December 28, 1944 – news for this day was about cautious optimism during World War 2. The Battle of the Bulge was getting a break in fortunes, as the weather cleared and Allied planes were able to come to the encircled Allied troops, and reinforcements from Patton’s 3rd Army were hurrying relief and reinforcements.

The news was good and upbeat, but we were warned not to make too much of this breakthrough. That even though the Germany Army was in retreat, there was speculation that it could have been to regroup and mount a bigger attack. So nothing was being left to chance, and the Allies were reaching Bastogne and pushing ahead. So despite whatever news was coming from the Western front, Secretary of War Stimson urged the American people to take nothing for granted and that the war wouldn’t be over by the end of the year, as so many predicted.

Likewise, the amount of Propaganda and false news reports originating in Germany with the express purpose of causing dissension within the ranks between Britain, Russia and the U.S. was attempting to flood our media. But as Secretary Stimson also pointed out, the thorough work on the parts of our Press and Radio News departments was doing an excellent job of sifting fake news from real news. And even though there were tenuous reports of Russia removing drilling equipment from the oil fields of Rumania, some of which were British and American equipment, the public was cautioned not to read anything untoward into it – that what was needed now was unity among allies.

To complete this newscast; an interview with Commodore William Angus on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the formation of the Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) and what was currently going on with the Seabees on Leyte in the Pacific.

All that, Bastogne, and lot more via NBC Radio‘s News Of The Day for December 28,1944.

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