It's our annual GoFundMe Pledge Drive!

Past Daily’s GoFundMe Annual Fundraiser – 2022 The View From Hypertension Ridge.

I know – more hustling for money – one more website/podcast/social-media site trying to stay afloat, passing the hat – going door-to-door – begging/pleading/promising.

Originally we were running ads – lots of them. But they got in everybody’s way and you hated them and you told me so. I lost traffic so I had to think of another way to raise money to keep the site afloat. Actually, it’s to pay for the rent needed to store all the audio you hear here. It’s over 150,000 recordings in all – and that takes up a LOT of space – and it costs $2K a month for a big enough space to house it all.

So I figured this year I would try and raise enough money via GoFundMe to take care of the rent for 2023 – keep the vault up and running so I can feed it all to you every day. Sounds fair – no?

It’s not cheap to run a website like this. That’s why we also have subscriptions, to help pay for all the time and equipment used to digitize all the material you hear on Past Daily.

It’s kind of a huge effort – and since it’s just me doing all this, it gets a little inhuman now and then – a lot of gear-switching and multi-tasking. Subsequently, I have no life. Fortunately, I love doing what I’m doing and getting props from you more than makes up for the lack of sleep I get almost every night.

A bunch of you have already chipped in to GoFundMe – and I can’t tell you how much that means to me and to the site in general – but we need more of you to step forward and kick in what you can.

I was looking over the numbers earlier and I noticed Past Daily has been visited over a half MILLION times the past three months. Surely, a couple hundred of you could toss in a few bucks to help keep us going. Maybe you will – all I know is, I need your help in order to make all this work and without you it may be back to the obnoxious, totally inappropriate ads covering every article – I really don’t want to do that. But I may have no other choice.

But you can make a difference – a huge difference, just by clicking on the link in the above graphic and chipping in what you can to GoFundMe. Or you may want to become a Subscriber via Patreon – it works either way – but either way, I need your help.

So please do what you can – I’m not asking for much in exchange for giving you a lot.

As you know, we’ve suspended indefinitely our ads in order to make Past Daily a better experience for you without all the distractions and pop-ups. Because of that, we’re relying more on your support through Patreon to keep us up and running every day. For as little as $5.00 a month you can make a huge difference as well as be able to download all of our posts for free (news, history, music). You’ll see a banner just below. Click on that and become a subscriber – it’s easy, painless and does a world of good.

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