Japanese Breakfast

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast - What's not to love?

Japanese Breakfast – Live At Fuji Rock Festival 2022 – Past Daily Backstage Pass

Japanese Breakfast
Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast – What’s not to love?

Japanese Breakfast – Fuji Rock Festival 2022 – Recorded July 31, 2022 – NHK-FM, Tokyo –

Japanese Breakfast this weekend. Recorded at the 2022 Fuji Rock Festival July 31st. Doing our Women In Rock this past week, I couldn’t leave Michelle Zauner out – she’s further evidence Indie as a whole is in great places, contrary to what a lot of people may think. And Women are at the forefront for much of this metamorphosis.

And she’s been embraced from the get-go. The press love her – the audiences love her and her records are selling in very respectable numbers.

A typical blurb, in reaction to her recent appearance at the 2018 Pitchfork Festival: “She is a joyous performer. In a review of her Pitchfork Music Festival performance, one critic writes, “Whether slinging a guitar or forgoing it to stalk the stage with a microphone, Zauner is often dancing, bouncing, beaming, rejecting the serious-artiste posturing you’d expect from a critical darling out of America’s current cool-kid music capital. Her demeanor transforms her songs. Although they remain shaded in melancholy, they burst from the stage with a delighted enthusiasm.”

You get the idea – she is very special and her music carries depth, emotion and all the good parts of a transformative experience.

With three albums, along with a slew of ep’s and singles, there’s a lot of great listening to be had – and you would do well to grab as much as you can.

Japanese Breakfast’s sound has primarily been described as indie pop containing elements of experimental pop, lo-fi, dream pop and indie rock. The band’s early releases, including Psychopomp, have been described as lo-fi while later releases, including the band’s second and third albums, Soft Sounds from Another Planet and Jubilee have primarily been labeled as indie pop with elements of shoegaze and chamber pop. Sable has been described as ambient music.
The band has re-recorded and re-released songs to give them wider audiences. Psychopomp includes songs from American Sound and Where Is My Great Big Feeling. Soft Sounds includes “Boyish”, originally released as “Day 6” on June. Jubilee includes “In Hell”, originally a bonus track on the Japanese deluxe edition of Soft Sounds.

Press Play – dive in and enjoy the sound.

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