Past Daily is Just trying to get the word out . . .

Past Daily: The Annual Fundraiser Roars On – Passing The Hat – Making The Case

Past Daily is Just trying to get the word out . . .

We do this every year. We make the pitch – we make the appeal – we cross our fingers – we hope for the best. I say it all the time and it’s true all the time: it takes a lot of work to run Past Daily – 14 hours a day, every day and we’ve been doing it for years. Why? Sharing history – sharing ideas – sharing points of view – sharing music you may have forgotten about or never heard in the first place. Turning you on to things – reminding you that life is no straight line but a lot of twists and turns and a lot of it has happened before.

We forget things – not just car keys and anniversaries but events we thought were going to change life as we knew it – events we had no idea how they were going to turn out when we were in the middle of them. Events that sometimes are portrayed differently than how we remembered them. Sometimes memories are good – sometimes memories get mixed up – sometimes we’re told certain memories never existed; we must’ve been dreaming or we took a rumor for fact.

But when you listen to history – hear how it was played out – how it happened and what happened – become transported to the actual time and place – it becomes different – the story becomes clear and you realize it’s happened before. The names and faces change. The circumstances and the motivations, not so much.

History is weird -it happens over and over. The old cliché about history not learned from is repeated until it is proves to be sadly true. We live that all the time.

Past Daily is here to remind you of that. We’re not here to hold grudges or to take sides or to stir up shit for its own sake – we’re here to give you the straight, unvarnished, un-polished picture of events that actually occurred. You get to decide – you get to be informed – you get to think on your own.

That’s it and that’s us in a nutshell – that’s why Past Daily needs your support; to keep doing that. Passing the hat is a way of making sure we’re getting it all out to you. At the moment, there’s an archive of some 10,000 posts and you can search through them and listen to them – and there are more every day. 95% is from the archive – the place that holds all this stuff and the stuff we want to share with you. We want to because we think it’s important – and we hope you think it’s important enough to make sure it keeps happening.

That’s why we need your support – doesn’t have to be a lot – it doesn’t matter – support is support and it’s gratefully received and it allows us to continue for another year. And that’s why we ask.

So do what you can – tell your friends, even to come and visit. We’re here because you are.

We’d like to stay that way – and we are so grateful for the support we’ve gotten so far. We love you from the bottom of our hearts.


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