The March To Manila – Germans Face Entrapment – Red Army Races To Vienna – January 10, 1945

Red Army - Budapest
Red Army In Budapest – the Sweep through the east was on.

January 10, 1945 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Big things were continuing to unfold in the Pacific as well as the European fronts this day. Word from MacArthur’s headquarters told of the successful landing on Luzon and were well established in their positions and rolling south along the West coast flatlands. The march back to Bataan, Corregidor and Manila was now on. Radio Tokyo was claiming the invasion was beaten back and that General Yamashita was looking forward to the coming battles and defeating MacArthur once and for all. The picture on the ground was looking a bit different, but it was still a sign the Allies were in for a long trek back.

From the Western front – only one supply line was left for the German Army in the forward area of the Belgian Bulge and that was in danger of being cut from the south as thousands of Germans were facing entrapment. The retreating Germans were leaving a vast number of booby-traps behind, taking advantage of the snow and hoping to at least slow down the advance. In London, scientists were working on a way of intercepting the recent wave of V-2 Rockets, which were menacing Southern England and were too fast to be shot down. One fact was certain; the launching area was somewhere in the Netherlands and while working on ways of intercepting the rockets was proceeding at a feverish pace, so were attacks by Allied bombers on the launch sites of the missiles themselves.

Meanwhile, the Red Army was solidifying its advances in Budapest while other army units were racing to the Austrian border, on the way to Vienna. German attempts to relieve pressure in Budapest had failed as all counterattacks were being smashed back.

And in Washington, Congress officially went back to work. It’s first order of business was to push legislation to push hundreds of thousands of 4-F draftees into war work, and thousands of Women into the Army Nursing Corps.

And that’s only a small slice of news for this January 10, 1945 as presented by NBC’s News Of The World.

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