Copenhagen riots - 1983

Downtown Copenhagen - worst rioting since Wold War 2.

The Mean Streets Of Copenhagen – Revolving Doors At The White House – Podgorny Dies – January 12, 1983

Copenhagen riots - 1983
Downtown Copenhagen – worst rioting since World War 2

CBS World News Roundup – Newsbreak – 8:00 News – 9:00 News – January 12, 1983 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

A busy day in January 1983 – The seemingly endless revolving door at the Reagan White House continued today with the exit of Richard Schweiker, Health and Human Services Director, in favor of a cushier position with an Insurance lobbying group in Washington. That left Reagan to come up with a replacement and it was speculated that the President may have a second woman in mind to fill that position. Schweiker’s exit made it the fourth cabinet member to leave the Reagan White House.

And the worst rioting since World War Two came to the streets of Downtown Copenhagen overnight. Targets were the huge population of squatters and homeless who inhabited the abandoned buildings which permeated the downtown area. Copenhagen Police were determined to rid the city of its homeless population, but no easy fix seemed likely. The homeless problem became acute in recent years all over Europe as the increasing population of disenfranchised and alienated Youth swelled the ranks of the destitute. Copenhagen rioting was the worst and it was largest police presence since 1971, but the problem wasn’t going away anytime soon. Time was needed, but there was no time left.

And the former Soviet President Nikolai Podgorny had died at the age of 79. Podgorny was head of state from 1965 to 1977 when his job was absorbed by the Communist Party chief Brezhnev. The current role of the Soviet President is to busily work on proposing missile reductions while heaping alternating praise and condemnation on the Reagan Administration. Currently in the works from the Soviets is a report card on the Reagan White House – the gist being Reagan needs to match his words with his deeds if anything were to get done.

So while Copenhagen was burning, that was what was going on the rest of the world, along with a lot more news for this January 12, 1983 as presented by CBS Radio.

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