Howard Cosell on Golfer Johnny Miller - 1975 Tucson Open

Howard Cosell had a word or two about Golfer Johnny Miller and the 1975 Tucson Open.

Howard Cosell Looks At The World Of Golf And The Tucson Open – January 20, 1975 – Past Daily Sports Chronicles

Howard Cosell on Golfer Johnny Miller - 1975 Tucson Open
Howard Cosell had a word or two about GolferJohnny Miller and the 1975 Tucson Open.

Howard Cosell – Speaking Of Sports – ABC Information Network – February 20, 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Even if you were never a Sports fan, the name Howard Cosell dredged up all kinds of memories and moments – he had an appeal that spoke to everyone within ear reach. Although he was synonymous with the Sports world and was the voice of Monday Night Football for years, he later branched out and offered observations on just about everything in everyday life.

He had a lot of detractors but also a veritable league of fans. Considered brash and arrogant by his critics, his fans saw him as an everyman – the guy who spoke plainly and honestly, breaking the mold of many sportscasters before him and it was refreshing to many.

In the 1970s he was delivering a five minute daily set of observations, primarily of the Sports World with his Speaking Of Sports series, which ran daily over the ABC Radio Network. It was a forum for his thoughts on various aspects of sports, his criticisms but also praise.

This particular broadcast, from January 20, 1975, Cosell is talking about the meteoric rise of a young Golfer, Johnny Miller, who had just won the 1975 Tucson Open and was heading towards great things. And of course, in true Cosell fashion, he chastises the critics and naysayers; the ones who criticized Miller’s winning streak all the way down to proclaiming Golfers as not really considered athletes.

It was his enthusiasm that was catchy, his manner of delivery that was instantly recognizable. Howard Cosell was a lot of things to a lot of people. Here is one example, and it will one of many in the coming weeks and months.

Since I’ve been a little light on including Sports within these posts, perhaps it’s time I dig through the archive and share some of these with you. So here’s Howard Cosell and Speaking Of Sports from January 20, 1975.

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