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First Aid Kit – Swedish Radio Session – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

First Aid Kit – Seeing a band grow up before your eyes.

First Aid Kit – In Session – Sveriges Radio p3 Session – October 24, 2022 – Sveriges Radio, Stockholm –

First Aid Kit tonight – in session for Sveriges Radio in Stockholm on October 24, 2022. Johanna and Klara Söderberg, the nucleus of First Aid Kit, were a band I first heard via MySpace around 2007. As it so happens, that was the year the band got started. Over the years they’ve changed, their music has changed and their audience has grown. It is something of a rare event, being witness to the evolution of a band, not only watching the players grow up, but hearing what they’ve added to their sound along the way – the different perspective on life and their craft some fifteen years on.

This session comes during the time of the release of Palomino, their fifth album, it also features a new backup band. Here is a rundown on what they’ve been up to since its release (thanks, Wikipedia):

On 19 January 2022 First Aid Kit streamed Lion’s Roar 10th anniversary concert from Mosebacke Etablissement, Stockholm with brothers Johannes and Gabriel Runemark who will be new band members.

On 8 March 2022 Swedish TV4 aired combined cooking and music program ”Benjamin’s” episode where Klara and Johanna were guests. The Swedish version of Come Give Me Love performed with Benjamin Ingrosso in the show was released as a single in various streaming services.

First Aid Kit started touring in June 2022 and released the first single Angel from their fifth album Palomino. They played Glastonbury on 24 June with Freja Drakenberg, Gabriel Runemark and Johannes Runemark. At the end of July they released a cover of Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer as a single in various streaming services. Second single, Out of My Head from the album was released on 12 August, the third one Turning Onto You, on 30 September. and the fourth, A Feeling That Never Came, on 20 October. Palomino was released on 4 November 2022. Extensive touring follows the album release.

On 12 January 2023 First Aid Kit was nominated third time for the International Group of the Year award.

Right now, they are getting ready to embark on a world tour, between February and August this year with several dates in the U.S. – so keep an eye out for upcoming concerts in your area and grab tickets while you can.

In the meantime – dive in and relax. First Aid Kit are very healthy for your state of mind.

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