Blix and El Baradei - United Nations

Blix and El Baradei - a sales pitch for slightly used feints.

Blix and El Baradei - United Nations
Blix and El Baradei – a sales pitch for slightly used feints.

– Results of first round of weapons inspections – United Nations – January 27, 2003 –

During the inevitable windup to War, the UN sent weapons inspectors to Iraq in search of the much publicized “Weapon of mass destruction”. In what seemed like a fait accompli by the Bush White House, UN inspectors, headed by Dr. Hans Blix with Mohamed ElBaradei acting as intermediary. The inspection process seemed like it was doomed to failure from the start. On the one hand you had the Bush White House thumping loudly for some proof/any proof of the possible-maybe-chance of- likelihood of Weapons of Mass Destruction as a hands-down excuse to go to war. And on the other hand, you had Saddam Hussein stalling, sand-bagging and blustering in an attempt to preserve his withering bravado in the eyes of the world and the Arab community.

It was a situation that had nothing but “bad outcome” written all over it.

So after 60 days of a hurried inspection process, Blix and ElBaradei reported to the UN their findings with a request for more time to accomplish the task they set out to do.

In retrospect, it was most likely a thankless job. One that had severe and long-lasting affects for not much in return and instability of the region in spades.

Here, as a reminder, is the testimony of Dr. Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei given on January 27, 2003.

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