Natalia Lacunza - Radio 3 Session - 2022

Natalia Lacunza - Drawing comparisons to Billie Eilish in Spanish.

Natalia Lacunza – In Session – RNE Radio 3 – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

Natalia Lacunza - Radio 3 Session - 2022
Natalia Lacunza – Drawing comparisons to Billie Eilish in Spanish.

Natalia Lacunza – in session for RNE Radio 3 Extra – February 23, 2022 – Radio Nacional España –

Natalia Lacunzo to end the weekend and/or start the week. One of the current singer-songwriters who have been gaining a very solid fanbase in Spain and whose reputation and music is extending beyond the city limits of Madrid to spread over Europe.

In January 2020 Natalia Lacunza was nominated for ‘Best New Artist’, ‘Best Female Act’ and ‘Best Album’ for Otras Alas at the 2020 Premios Odeón. She also started teasing her next project. On January 24 she released its respective lead single “Olvídate de Mí” on streaming and music download platforms. She performed the song at Operación Triunfo’s eleventh edition. In February she released its second single titled ‘Algo Duele Más’ featuring BRONQUIO and collaborated on “En Llamas” alongside 2018 X-Factor winner Pol Granch. The EP, which she titled EP2 (and a raining cloud emoji) was released on March 13, 2020, physically and digitally. Lacunza was scheduled to do a few signing parties in selected cities in Spain and to tour the country from March 26 to late summer. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all these plans were cancelled. The tour is set to begin in October 2020. EP2 debuted atop the Spanish Album chart. On June 19, Natalia Lacunza released a live extended play titled “En Casa”, which includes four songs from EP2 performed in an acoustic version at her house. That same day a 2-side single vinyl that includes “Olvídate de Mí” and “Algo Duele Más” was commercialized in selected stores as part of the “Record Store Day” campaign, which hopes to save CD stores from closing.

Getting a career going under the cloud of COVID was something of an ordeal, as it was for just about everyone in Music during those two very strange and dark years. But Natalia Lacunza hasn’t let any of that stop her. Being reminded this session was coming right around the time of the re-emergence of Music to the public in general, there are a few rough spots in the mix, but the energy and passion more than make up for it.

Nothing you need to punch a hole in the sound-barrier over, but rather take the time off to listen and chill.

Come back tomorrow.

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