G. Gordon Liddy

G. Gordon Liddy - one of the last of the Watergate conspirators heading to Prison.

The Watergate Shuffle – A Vietnam Ceasefire Of Sorts – January 30, 1973 –

G. Gordon Liddy
G. Gordon Liddy – one of the last of the Watergate conspirators heading to Prison.

– January 30, 1973 – NBC Nightly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

January 30, 1973 – a day which would see the last two figures in the Watergate break-in plot were convicted and waiting on sentencing. G. Gordon Liddy and James McCord, both were convicted of conspiracy, burglary and bugging the Democratic Party’s Watergate headquarters.

After 16 days of trial spanning 60 witnesses and more than 100 pieces of evidence, the jury found them guilty of all charges against them in just under 90 minutes. Liddy, true to form, showed no emotion, except to fix a smile form start to finish and to quietly sit.

In other news, the ceasefire in Vietnam was anything but – as teams of International ceasefire supervisors were supposed to have taken up positions across South Vietnam this day, but they didn’t. Instead, everyone carried on as usual, while members of the South Vietnamese Government and Viet Cong Representatives squabbled in the joint-military commission. The Commission was supposed to provide transportation and protection for the International Supervisors as they moved into the countryside. But it failed to do that again this day. The result was that the Canadian Supervisor and those from other countries remained in Saigon, where they sat and waited. Meanwhile, fighting continued and each side blamed the other for violating the ceasefire agreement. There was less fighting than the day before, but there was still a major battle taking place in Quang Tri Province as well as along the highway approaching Saigon.

And news that Marine PFC Ronald Ridgeway along with eight other Marines who, on February 25, 1968, were ambushed while on patrol at the surrounded Khe Sanh base. It would be six months before a relief force reached the ambush site and recovered the remains of the Marines. They could not be identified and so were buried in a common funeral ceremony. And on this day, five years later, it was discovered that PFC. Ridgeway was alive and would be coming home. He survived the ambush and was taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese, his name appeared on the list Hanoi gave the United States only days earlier.

And that’s a small slice of what went on, this January 30, 1973 by way of the NBC Nightly News.

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