Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni (Drummer Queen) Ndonga - Rap and Hip-hop from Kenya. Buckle up.

Muthoni Drummer Queen – In Session -RTS Studio 15 – 2020 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

Muthoni Drummer Queen
Muthoni (Drummer Queen) Ndonga – Rap and Hip-hop from Kenya. Buckle up.

Muthoni Drummer Queen – in session at Studio 15, RTS, Lausanne – 2020 – RTS-Radio

Something from a different continent tonight. A taste of Hip-hop and Rap from Kenya as presented by Muthoni Ndonga, who performs as Muthoni Drummer Queen in a session recorded at Swiss Radio RTS in their Studio 15 as part of a series of concerts presented during the year 2020 from this wildly eclectic and thoroughly enjoyable network in Lausanne Switzerland.

Muthoni Ndonga was born and raised in Nairobi in Kenya. She wanted to become an artist since childhood, but her modest middle class parents tried to discourage her.

She developed her passion in choirs at school until 2004 when, as a student, she organized her first concert with the help of her friends. In 2008, after having obtained her diploma in international relations and philosophy at the Kenyan university United States International University Africa (USIU Africa), believing that alternative music has little visibility in Kenya, she founded the festival ‘ ‘Blankets & Wine’.

Here is an excerpt from her bio for MDQ

Muthoni has always been viscerally aware of society and there is always a tinge of activism coloring her work. As a child in the late 80s – early 90s, she listened in on adults as they discussed the political situation in Kenya and took note of the injustices of a totalitarian state, and the dearth of financial opportunity that came with it. This ignited a deep desire to learn more about the world and to do what she could do to fix what she might.

Muthoni continues to be a maverick as an artist and as as a creative entrepreneur, As an artist, she continues to blur the genre-rules and expectations of music from Kenya. She makes radio and club-friendly music without losing the essence of who she is, which is, a bringer of light, one who elevates consciousness, an activist for a better human coexistence. She continues to push the boundaries of what is considered “Kenyan” and has been growing the space for present/future sounds by mainstreaming “alternative” music. As the founder of East Africa’s’ most prolific festivals, she continues to makes space for other artists from Kenya and the larger Africa, mainstreaming “alternative”sounds and growing the space for artistic expression in Africa. Muthoni is the embodiment of the spirit of the International African – “Think Global, Act Local.”Her sheer existence allows others the courage to imagine their own global vision executed right here in Africa.

Now you know – press play, crank it up and check it out. Much to discover – much to absorb.

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