Terry Reid - Unsung Hero

Terry Reid - Unsung Hero

Terry Reid - Unsung Hero
Terry Reid – Unsung Hero

– Terry Reid – In Session for Beat Club – Dec. 31, 1969 – RBB Berlin –

Terry Reid tonight. Probably more well known by fans as “the man who turned down Led Zeppelin” than for the actual artist himself, Terry Reid was a well respected and moderately successful artist in his own right, and the Led Zeppelin legend seems to short change and overlook the lasting and substantial part – Terry Reid was (and still is) a helluva singer who was influential to a number of artists over the years, not the least Robert Plant himself.

But Reid hasn’t been all that well represented in albums, and even less well-represented in live performance recordings throughout his career. There was a Peel session in 1969 as well as Top Of The Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test appearances and a few others, including this live appearance on the German show Beat Club. But, unless something else appears (as it is almost sure to do), that’s largely it for the early part of Terry Reid’s career. Tantalizing and a little frustrating, but grateful it has survived nonetheless.

For those of you just getting your feet wet with the legacy of Terry Reid, this Beat Club performance is a good one and is a good place to start. But check out his BBC appearances and seek out his albums, including his 1968 debut U.S. album for Epic (Bang,Bang. You’re Terry Reid) – and go from there. A lot of good material from an extraordinary and well-regarded musician.

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1 thought on “Terry Reid – In Session 1969 – Past Daily Soundbooth

  1. Terry Reid is having a career resurgence right now, doing a lot of touring in US & UK.
    His show feature dextrous guitar, a still-powerful scream, and dozens of anecdotes of the sixties rock scene,
    several of which are true. He had a promising career until a horrible contract and a pernicious drug habit derailed it.

    He spent the Oughts in LA, playing every Monday at The Joint, refining his style and regaining his chops.
    Since then, he’s been touring regularly, with the necessary interruption for COVID.

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