February 10, 1992 - Iowa Caucuses

Campaign '92 - If Iowa was going to be the bellwether for Presidential Elections . . . .

February 10, 1992 - Iowa Caucuses
February 10, 1992 – If Campaign ’92 – Iowa was going to be the bellwether for Presidential Elections . . . .

– February 10, 1992 – Campaign ’92 – The World Tonight – CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

February 10, 1992 – Today was the day of the much-anticipated Iowa Caucuses for this election year. Although it came as no surprise, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was the big winner on this first of many contests for Campaign ’92. Closest runner-up was Paul Tsongas while Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton ran a distant fourth. Undecideds came in second place. Four years earlier they were a crucial barometer of voter trends. But in 1992 they were going virtually unnoticed.

Commentators quipped there was more activity going on in a high school basketball game in the gym above one of the precinct gatherings than there was in the caucus room itself, leading many to question the validity of the Iowa caucuses and their relevance in the election process. But there was that thing about tradition . . .

So it was on to New Hampshire, Campaign ’92 and the horserace was underway.

There was other news this day – news over the growing scandal regarding Dow-Corning’s Silicone Breast implants and the flood of reports of ruptured implants leaking silicone gel causing numerous health problems. The investigation was uncovering evidence of cover-up, of finger pointing and of denial. This day it was coming to a boil, with the swift firings of the Chairman and CEO of Down-Corning. Documents released acknowledged Dow-Corning was aware of the potential health risks to their silicone breast implants going back as far as the 1970s with reports of defective shipments and complaints from doctors, causing one sales person to remark it was a scandal brewing the size of the Ford Pinto debacle. Still, no one took action and executives at Dow-Corning were going on record saying they had no knowledge of any cover-up taking place and that their breast implants were safe.

And that’s just a sample of what was going on, this February 10th in 1992 as reported by CBS News Campaign ’92 and The World Tonight.

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