Your tribe - your family - your co-conspirators - your girlfriends.

It’s February 1968 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Senior – You’re A Joiner – You’re Serious As A Heart Attack.

Your tribe – your family – your co-conspirators – your girlfriends.

You decided – 1968 is going to be YOUR year – your year to get involved – your year to get serious. Life is serious – no more of this fooling around – this is it – the whole thing: on the line. You bristle when somebody calls you “kid”. Your English teacher sneers at you sideways and mumbles “weirdo” under his breath. You have the beginnings of sideburns – you avoid the Boys V.P. – the jocks call you “fairy” and the Rotsi’s call you “Commie”. You’re all Peace and Love but you have a deadly right hook.

At home it’s World War 3. Stink eye around the table at breakfast and dinner. Dad doesn’t like you and Mom doesn’t understand you. They’re both counting days when you turn 18 and the Draftboard calls. They voted for Goldwater and your mom found your copy of Siddhartha and they both want to know what’s wrong with you.

Your friends are your family now – you tell each other things – you confide in each other – you hug a lot. You had sex during Christmas Vacation for the first time and your life changed. You have a girlfriend but you have an understanding. She says you’re “free spirits” – love is all and love is everyone. The air is full of possibilities.

You got your first car – 1958 VW Beetle. It’s blue and its yours – you bagged a lifetime’s worth of groceries and you smiled a lot. You paid cash and the guy you bought it from was getting drafted. He named the car Tillie and you promised you’d keep it going. You also promised you’d sell it back to him when he got back from Vietnam. He grinned with a world full of sadness. You shook his hand and your new life started.

You envision road trips – you envision midnight on PCH – you like the smell of new gas. The car radio is crazy – it gets FM – it’s German – all German cars have FM. You found KPPC. Your life is now complete, and it’s only February.

Yep – 1968 is YOUR year. You can feel it in your bloodstream. For real.

And to prove it – here is 2 hours worth of KPPC just as it sounded in February of 1968. Crank it up and head up PCH for old time’s sake.

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