Horace Silver - Sayin' it.

Horace Silver Quintet – Live In Boston – 1973 – Past Daily Downbeat

Horace Silver - Still goin'  strong.
Horace Silver – Sayin it.

Over to the legendary Horace Silver this weekend. From a 1973 concert at The Jazz Workshop in Boston, featuring Michael Brecker on Tenor Sax and Flute, Randy Brecker on Trumpet, and Al Queen on Drums – the set was recorded on March 23, 1973.

Silver reformed a touring band in 1973. This contained brothers Michael and Randy Brecker. Around this time, according to saxophonist Dave Liebman, Silver’s reputation among aspiring young jazz musicians was that he was “a little – not commercial, but not quite the real deal.” Silver and his family decided to move to California around 1974, after a burglary at their New York City apartment while they were in Europe.

Several changes occurred in the early 1970s: Silver disbanded his group to spend more time with his wife and to concentrate on composing; he included lyrics in his recordings; and his interest in spiritualism developed. The last two of these were often combined, resulting in commercially unsuccessful releases such as The United States of Mind series. Silver left Blue Note after 28 years, founded his own record label, and scaled back his touring in the 1980s, relying in part on royalties from his compositions for income. In 1993, he returned to major record labels, releasing five albums before gradually withdrawing from public view because of health problems.

As a player, Silver transitioned from bebop to hard bop by stressing melody rather than complex harmony, and combined clean and often humorous right-hand lines with darker notes and chords in a near-perpetual left-hand rumble. His compositions similarly emphasized catchy melodies, but often also contained dissonant harmonies. Many of his varied repertoire of songs, including “Doodlin'”, “Peace”, and “Sister Sadie”, became jazz standards that are still widely played. His considerable legacy encompasses his influence on other pianists and composers, and the development of young jazz talents who appeared in his bands over the course of four decades.

Here’s what’s on the player:
The Jazz Workshop

March 27, 1973

1) Liberated Brother (13:58)

2) In Pursuit of the 27th Man (18:30)

3) Big Business  (14:40)
As always, an enjoyable set by the inimitable Mr. Silver.

That’s a good thing.

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