Ceasefire in Bosnia

Kids in a warzone. Ceasefire in Bosnia . . .for how long?

Bosnia: A Ceasefire Holds, But . . . . February 14, 1994

Ceasefire in Bosnia
Kids in a warzone. Ceasefire in Bosnia . . .for how long?

– February 14, 1994 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

February 14, 1994 – A day of tenuous anticipation and mixed messages. While the ceasefire was holding, a battle was taking place in central Bosnia between Croats and troops of the Muslim-led Bosnian government. The withdrawal of heavy weapons from around Sarajevo was continuing; the Serbs pulling more weapons back to their barracks, the Bosnians were saying their weapons would be turned in by the weekend NATO deadline. But the deadline was confusing – the U.S. saying NATO would strike unless all the Serb weapons were off the battlefield. But UN Officials say they will call the shots; if any are fired, and will do so only if there are significant problems with the weapons handover. The deadline was viewed by many as only a date when the air strikes would be ready, if needed. But the deadline may have been vague on purpose; keeping the Serbs off balance and nervous, with the hope that would keep them cooperating. The UN Commander in Bosnia British Lieutenant General Sir Michael Rose said he and he alone would decide when to call in NATO air strikes. The suggestion being that the weekend deadline be considered elastic. Meanwhile, UN Commanders finalized plans to open the air field in Tuzla and defend it with airpower and tanks if necessary.

Optimism was cautious but highly skeptical.

In other parts of the world; it was looking like a U.S./Japan Trade War was looming as both the dollar and stock prices hit the skids earlier in the day in Tokyo. It was the dollar’s sharpest drop all year; down 2 1/2 yen to 105.69 Yen to the Dollar. That sent Tokyo stocks tumbling after the previous week’s summit which failed to produce a new U.S./Japan trade agreement. Prime Minister Hosokawa was winning praise in Tokyo for not giving in to American demands for numerical targets to measure access to the Japanese market. Yet officials were also hinting that Japan might unilaterally implement reforms which could cut regulation and boost government purchasing of foreign goods, possible to prevent the much worried-over Trade War with the U.S. it was now a wait-and-see between Tokyo and Washington to see who budged first.

And that’s a small piece of news for this busy Valentine’s Day – February 14, 1994 as reported on The CBS World News Roundup.

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