Repion - In session - RNE Radio 3 - 2023

Repion - much has happened since we last met.

Repion – In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

Repion - In session - RNE Radio 3 - 2023
Repion – much has happened since we last met.

Repion – in session at RNE Radio 3 en Concierto – February 7, 2023 – Radio Nacional España

Repion in session at RNE Radio 3 and recorded on February 7th. Much has happened with the Iñesta sisters since I first discovered this band in 2016. They had released their second album and were busy promoting it the old fashioned way; gigging, interviewing, gigging some more, getting their message across.

So here we are, seven years later and a new release; self-titled and a big leap from their earlier endeavors. In addition to working on their own material, Marina and Teresa have collaborated on parallel projects. Marina is guitarist and backing vocalist in Mikel Erentxun’s band and Teresa is a singer and guitarist for Aiko El Grupo, as well as a drummer for Yawners.

But with all the side projects Repion is still #1 on the list of commitments. They’ve been making regular festival appearances, including a standout performance at the 2022 Mallorca Festival last June. And now that their latest album is out, they are busy gigging and promoting.

The press has been good – the audience reactions are wildly enthusiastic. Their fanbase has been growing and it’s only a matter of time before they cross the channel and do a few gigs in the UK and possibly jetting over to the U.S. for a few dates.

With this new album, the reviews have been enthusiastic, and comments that their latest opus is their most mature yet have been warmly received. Repion is a good band with a bright future. Both Marina and Teresa Iñesta are dedicated and giving 100% to their craft. It hasn’t been an easy road and things were uncertain with the pandemic and lockdown, but now that the worst is behind, there’s much catching up to do. Repion is on top of it and handling it all quite well.

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