The Balkans - Germany didn't have much to worry about, for the time being.

The Balkans – Daylight Raids – Asking The Sham Government To Leave – February 15, 1941

The Balkans – Germany didn’t have much to worry about, for the time being.

News for February 15, 1941 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

News for this February 15th, 1941 had much to do with The Balkans and relations with Nazi Germany, which were good. After the Yugoslav Foreign Minister met with German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop, Germany issued a communiqué reiterating the position that Yugoslavia, and in fact all the countries in the Balkan region, were on good terms with The Reich and that the other Foreign ministers were expected to be visiting von Ribbentrop soon.

Meanwhile, Britain conducted its first daylight raids across the channel and were met with stiff resistance, with German radio claiming the Spitfires were spotted from a good distance and that the Luftwaffe had plenty of time to intercept the British planes. According to Berlin, the Germans managed to force the British planes back and took some 9 Spitfires out of commission while Germany was reported to have suffered no casualties. The British resumed nighttime raids over Germany, hitting several targets but again, Berlin Radio reported only civilians were among the casualties and no military objectives were destroyed.

And from Romania came reports that the Romanian government had asked diplomats from Holland, which Romania referred to as “the sham government” to leave since Holland was not recognized by Romanian officials as a legitimate government. From Holland’s German-run newspaper in the Netherlands reported further disturbances and instances where alleged insolance was shown to the German authorities. Dutch National Socialists had been attacked by Jews, the newspaper reported. And the Jewish quarter in Amsterdam was roped off and the residents forbidden to enter or leave. Non-Jewish residents were being removed and a Jewish counsel had been appointed.

And that was a small sample of what went on, this February 15th, as reported by NBC News Of The World.

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