Nobody's going to convict your school of being overweight.

It’s November 1976 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – The President Says You’re Flabby – Everybody Believes Him – You Don’t

Nobody’s going to convict your school of being overweight.

KROQ – AM&FM – Jimmy Rabbitt – November 1976 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

You remember. You thought President Ford was staring right at you when he went on TV and said the nation had a weight problem. America was out of shape – America was, in short – flabby. Fighting words and lightning bolts, the world went insane over aerobics and no place was more insane over being fit and staying fit than your school. You thought he was nuts. You thought your school was more nuts.

You live at the beach all Summer – you surf – you skateboard. Okay, you drink a lot of beer – but you can thank your friends – they know frat guys at UCLA and beer flows on weekends. You aren’t fat. You aren’t even flabby.

But there’s always somebody overdosing on school spirit, jumping up on a table in the cafeteria, launching into a routine as a boombox blares Disco Inferno during lunch.

Drives you up the wall and off campus where you inhale a Big Mac and two Chocolate shakes. Nobody’s gonna tell YOU you’re chubby. They called you that in fourth grade when your mom went on a Health food binge and made you drink three glasses of carrot juice every day. Turned your skin orange. Your teachers looked at you funny. You went from being chubby to looking like your mom was starving you. She got a call from the Principal and you went back to Cocoa Puffs and Tang for breakfast.

Working up a sweat to music you don’t like isn’t your idea of a quiet lunch between classes. You have better things to do. So you take refuge in the library, where everybody else with a shred of sanity left has gravitated to. You decide to form a club – your motto is “Extra Crispy For All”.

The only thing missing is your girlfriend – she’s been absent during lunch hour lately. You decide to wander down to the cafeteria and ask around.

You find her. On top of a table, yelling out directions to the gathered crowd who are jumping up, sweating and dancing in unison to Saturday Night Fever.

You shut your mouth, turn around and walk back to the library.

She has gone over to the dark side.

At least you have Jimmy Rabbitt and KROQ to lean on.

And here’s a little over an hour’s worth of Jimmy Rabbitt as you heard him on KROQ in November of 1976.

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