Biréli Lagrène - Summit meeting of the frets.

Biréli Lagrène – Live In Paris – 2022 – Past Daily Downbeat

Biréli Lagrène – Summit meeting of the frets.

– Biréli Lagrène – Live at Salle Gaveau, Paris – May 7, 2022 – Radio France Musique –

Checking out what the newer practitioners of Jazz are up to these days, I ran across this concert by French Guitarist Biréli Lagrène, recorded at the prestigious Salle Gaveau in Paris in May of last year and broadcast by Radio France Musique.

I’ve often wondered what the current state of Jazz is – who is keeping it going – who is keeping it fresh – who is adding to the conversation – who is sharing the message.

Come to find out; a lot of people are following in footsteps and taking new turns. Taking those jumping off places and adding a point of view to the journey.

I realize Biréli Lagrène has been around a while. Even though he’s been gathering a name for himself since the 80s, the Alsatian guitarist who grew up in the tradition of Django Reinhardt and is a devotee of the Gypsy form and has become a well-known fixture at clubs and festivals around Europe, has a massive discography and sports a virtual who’s who of collaborations, he represents what you could call the New Blood of Jazz and is a welcome addition to the pantheon of a form that has gone inward-outward and continually reaches out to new ears and new audiences.

Even though there are those who are quick to point out Jazz is an American art-form; born, grown and raised in the U.S., it’s universality and its appeal in just about every corner of the globe, make it a music of the World and everybody who dives in and shares it adds a piece of their soul to the tapestry.

That tapestry represents the eternal beauty of music and that’s why Jazz, contrary to various opinions, has no intention of dying and never will – the vibe is way too good to abandon to memory.

Biréli Lagrène is a vital ingredient to the roux (as Wynton Marsalis calls it) and we’re lucky to be digging the flavor.


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