Deep Listening: And Whiter Shade Of Pale is your song.

It’s September 1967 – You’re A Teenager – You’re In L.A. – You Realize Derek Taylor Is the Closest Thing You’ll Ever Get To The Beatles.

Deep Listening: And Whiter Shade Of Pale is your song.

KRLA – Derek Taylor – September 19, 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

“It’s All Too Beautiful” – that’s what you tell yourself over and over as you dig deep into the music you’re discovering. It’s all changed – you don’t dance to music anymore, you have out-of-body experiences listening to it. And every Sunday night your ear is glued to the radio because Sunday Night on KRLA is where you listen to Derek Taylor. You read all about him – Beatles’ publicist – the guy who knows what’s going on – moved to L.A. – has his finger pointed “right there” – is turning you on to new things. New music – life-changing music. You heard Whiter Shade Of Pale by Procol Harum for the first time and it gave you chills. You never got chills listening to music before – well, maybe that time you first heard I Feel Fine. But that was The Beatles and they gave you chills anyway. Ever since Ed Sullivan.

Derek Taylor KNOWS them – he saw them every day. You’re never going to know them – never going to see them every day or any day during your life. They aren’t even doing concerts anymore. Hollywood Bowl was the last time. Seems like a century ago. You were a kid. You didn’t know anything – you screamed – you went crazy. You wouldn’t do that now – it’s all different. The Beatles are part of your life now. They made everything okay – You think Revolver is a masterpiece. You think Procol Harum are really from another planet.

Your boyfriend looks at you like you might need to see a doctor. You tell him not to call you on Sunday night – he threatens to break up with you – you nod your head and shrug your shoulders. Boyfriends aren’t important – having your mind blown is.

And to let you know and give you some idea – here’s one of the early Derek Taylor shows for KRLA, exactly as it was heard on Sunday night, September 17, 1967.

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