Pamela Hute of Alen Tagus - After years as a solo artist, the group spirit fits like a glove.

Alen Tagus – In Session – 2020 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders

Pamela Hute of Alen Tagus – After years as a solo artist, the group spirit fits like a glove.

Alen Tagus – In Session at Studio Canoa – January 17, 2020

Alen Tagus to end the week – recorded in Session at Studio Canoa on January 17, 2020.

I have been a fan of the work of Pamela Hute ever since I ran across her early material via My Space in 2007. It was honest, heart-felt and dedicated. Like just about all artists who have been taking the Independent route, staying away from the mainstream and following their own rules, Pamela Hute went through a lot during those formative years. The endless touring, promoting and recording are facts of life for that road less taken. But like most artists of this genre, having the gift of reinvention and the ability to hit the ground running are essentials. And Pamela Hute weathered them all. Owing to the atmosphere around the COVID pandemic and the almost complete halt to anything new musically and nothing as far as club dates and gigging around Europe, did make for some frustration. But like most bands and artists during this time, lockdown and masks strengthened resolve and turned the downtime into very productive months while the rest of the world stopped.

The latest set of endeavors comes by way of Alen Tagus, a band founded by Hute and colleague Charlie Mancini. A French-portuguese project, imagined between Sines, Portugal and Paris, Alen Tagus creates an introspective indie pop influenced by sounds from the 70’s. The end result has been an evolution of love and friendship in human relationships and reveals a sensitive and elegant songwriting. Born from the unexpected association between Portuguese musician Charlie Mancini – pianist and film composer – and the French artist Pamela Hute – melodist and rocker at heart – Alen Tagus explores unusual musical grounds. ‘Time Passing By’ looks like a very promising getaway. Their latest single Lines came out a few days ago and has been getting positive word-of-mouth.

Have a listen to this latest offering from Alen Tagus and avail yourself any one of a number, or all their singles currently at the My Dear Recordings site (Pamela Hute’s own label, incidentally) via Bandcamp.

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