Yazmin Lacey - Ear tingling, sweet soul music.

Yazmin Lacey – In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Yazmin Lacey – Ear tingling, sweet soul music.

Yazmin Lacey – Live at Maida Vale studios – February 27, 2023 – BBC 6 Music –

Yazmin Lacey in session tonight. Recorded yesterday at the BBC’s Maida Vale Studios for Mary Anne Hobbs at BBC 6 Music.

We don’t play nearly enough Soul on this website – the reason is simple; I have been scouring the vault, friends vaults and collectors shelves in general, looking for live Soul performances from the 60s on. There were those episodes of Soul! from early PBS that I ran a couple years ago. And it’s definitely got me looking for more.

But in the meantime, I ran across this broadcast, done live at the BBC’s legendary Maid Vale studios just a couple days ago with Yazmin Lacey, a name I confess to not being familiar with. I became an instant fan and found myself diving deep into the sultry, hypnotic, soothing sounds of this astounding new talent.

Bandcamp has this to say about Yazmin Lacey:

Yazmin Lacey is a singer-songwriter who knows something about coming into her own. She came to music late, she says – “It’s never late, but late in the perspective of that I’m doing it now,” – almost as if by fate. And throughout her time in the music scene, the 33-year-old has used her music as an exercise in capturing those moments and putting them into song, as if a snapshot of the intimate parts of her own life.

Debut album Voice Notes is yet another record of those moments. It follows on from three stunning EP’s; Black Moon (2017), When The Sun Dips 90 Degrees (2018) and Morning Matters (2020), a trilogy of sorts, named in part by the settings in which they were written. Voice Notes is similarly inspired by something that helped the album spring to life. A long-held tool of her music-making and way of sharing melodies with collaborators, it’s a method of communication deeply special to her. “For me, a voice note represents an immediate reaction to something,” she says. “[It’s] unfiltered and raw in the way that you can hear it.

Her debut album is slated to drop on March 3rd (only days away). I’m looking forward to a whole lot more concert dates, festivals, and club gigs – and maybe, just maybe I will be able to offer you some of those gigs in the coming months.

Stay tuned and dive in.

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