Protests - 1980

Protests - the air all over the world was scented with teargas, burning tires and torrential rain.

Protests, Politics, Hostages And Bad Weather – March 3, 1980

Protests – the air all over the world was scented with teargas, burning tires and torrential rain.

CBS World News Roundup + Hourly News – News Reports – The World Tonight – March 3, 1980 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The world, this March 3rd in 1980 was seemingly engulfed in protests or turmoil. The hostage crisis in Bogota was heading into its 6th day. The hostage crisis in Tehran was dragging on with glimmers of hope arriving in fits and starts. Afghanistan was embroiled in protests and violence over the Soviet invasion and turmoil sweeping over Kabul. Bad weather had it’s grip on most of the U.S. with blizzards creating more than the usual chaos on streets, highways and day-to-day life. To make matters worse, the cold snap was plunging into Floria, wreaking havoc on the Citrus crop – farmers were afraid this episode was going to have detrimental affects to the Orange Juice industry. Expect to be squeezed at the market later on in the year. For its part, Southern California was the scene of flash flooding as the storms heaped damaged all over the West coast.

And there was an election hanging in the balance. The latest on the campaign and primary front showed a surprise surge in popularity for former California governor Ronald Reagan, much to the consternation of George Bush, who was enjoying a comfortable lead until just recently. Now Bush was slipping in the polls and Reagan was gaining and the horserace was far from over. With primaries slated to come the next day, the Reagan camp was expressing confidence there would be a clear path to the White House. For their part, the Democratic primaries were continuing to be in President Carter’s favor, with Ted Kennedy hanging on, but with support dwindling. All eyes were on the upcoming Massachusetts primary where Kennedy was confident he would win (being his home state), but nothing was being taken for granted.

So amidst the chaos, protests, turmoil and hand-shaking, this was a little of what went on, this 3rd day of March in 1980.

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