Glasgow - the day after

Glasgow - the day after.

Glasgow And The Night Of Heavy Raids – America: A Hot Bed Of Enemy Agents – 567 Days Of War – March 14, 1941

Glasgow - the day after
Glasgow – the day after.

News Of The World – March 14, 1941 – NBC – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Glasgow was hit overnight on March 14th by the heaviest raid of the war by Germany so far. At news time it wasn’t clear how many were killed as a result of the raid, but crews were busy digging out survivors from the massive number of destroyed buildings. Glasgow wasn’t the only one, on this night. For their part, British bombers carried out mass raids over Hamburg and other targets in Germany with reports of many casualties including the bombings of two hospitals. The Glasgow raids came with a heavy toll for the Luftwaffe, as a clear and moonlit night made them easy targets for British Spitfires, who shot down a large number of attacking planes during the raid. Glasgow wasn’t the only target by Germany on this night. Several other port cities were targets including large raids again on Liverpool, having been the object of a mass German raid the night before. London was also raided, but not to the extent Glasgow was and damage there was said to be light.

Meanwhile – news from London, aside from the overnight raids, was the disclosure from the Ministry of Information that Germany was getting most of its otherwise classified news from America, which it claimed was a hot bed of enemy agents. Case in point was a recent magazine article outlining ship and aircraft construction of Lend-lease weapons as well as shipments of food and materials from American ports. British officials said those seemingly innocent reports were doing more harm than good and urged the U.S. to be more stringent in areas of censorship.

From Washington – News that Government building of housing for the wave of war workers was not going to include gas stoves or refrigerators – those were to be the responsibility of the inhabitants. Congress felt that, with the mass expenditure of funds for war workers and construction of housing, enough was enough.

And while news was continuing to come in regarding the Glasgow raids, that was a small slice of what happened on March 14, 1941 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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