Record Store - 1982

Every Saturday meant thumbing through new releases at the record store.

It’s March 1982 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your Weekend Belongs To Your Record Store

Record Store - 1982
Every Saturday meant thumbing through new releases at the record store.

KROQ – Dusty Street – March 2, 1982 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

You remember – your ritual – happened every Saturday. Standing outside your record store, pacing back and forth waiting for it to open. Racing through the stacks – grabbing the new stuff ’cause you HAD to have it – spending every cent of your bagboy paycheck. You lived for tunes. That was your glue – that was your fix.

Could’ve been Tower – could’ve been Music Plus or Licorice Pizza or even Aron’s or Rhino. They had the promo records for cheap. Thumbing through stacks – getting advice from the guy at the counter

You don’t know when it got started – maybe 10th grade. But every Saturday around 10, taking the Fairfax bus to Melrose or Sunset. Bringing home a stack of records – spending all Saturday night and Sunday morning and Sunday night – diving deep with your headphones on maximum, submerged in sounds. You didn’t bother anybody and they didn’t bother you. Just you and The Go-Go’s or XTC or Joe Jackson. Your parents were happy because it was so quiet in your room and they knew where you were. Little did they know you were busy blowing your eardrums out. And you liked it that way.

You had plans – big plans. Plans to take over the world; you and your band. You had the whole thing pictured in your head – you’d be on constant rotation on MTV. They couldn’t get enough of you. Yeah – that was gonna happen.

Well . . .it could’ve happened, if you figured out what instrument you were going to play first. And then actually spent time taking lessons trying to learn it – and then finding other guys who wanted to do the same thing as you. The only guys you knew were in the marching band and they played Saxophone and Trombone – they weren’t big New Wave fans – or Punk or even Pop Music in general.

But you had it all figured out – and every weekend you figured it out more and more.

Someday . . .

And to go along with your sonic assault, Dusty Street supplies you with more tunes to contemplate as she holds court on KROQ, March 3, 1982.

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