Trampolene - Dynamite word of mouth.

Trampolene – In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Trampolene – Dynamite word of mouth.

Trampolene – In Session – recorded at Students Union, Cardiff For John Kennedy, Radio X – March 18, 2023 – Radio X, London –

Trampolene in session tonight, recorded live at the Cardiff Students Union and broadcast for John Kennedy at Radio X on March 18th.

For all the people who complain there’s nothing new or interesting on the musical horizon, my answer to that is, they aren’t looking in the right places. There’s a lot going on all over the world and new bands and artists are showing up every day.

Even though Trampolene have been around sine 2013, the Welsh three-piece have been generating only the past year or two an enormous amount of positive feedback along with getting a substantial fanbase together.

Trampolene are Jack Jones (vocals, guitar, spoken word), Wayne Thomas (bass, vocals) and Kyle “Mr” Williams (drums, vocals). They’re named after the Julian Cope song “Trampolene”. They formed in their hometown of Swansea – Jones and Thomas having met when playing for the Football Association of Wales and Jones knew drummer “Mr Williams” from college.

They moved to a flat in London with the idea of it being a 24/7 creative work factory, like Andy Warhol’s Factory, where no internet was allowed, and they invited artists to come round and share ideas and talk about songwriting, poetry, painting and society in general. Jack roadied for Palma Violets and the Strypes in 2013. Although Jack suffers from Crohn’s disease resulting in regular hospital appointments for treatment, the band began to play gigs across the country, gaining support from people such as Ray Davies, journalists Pete Paphides and Caitlin Moran, and musicians Carl Barât and Nick Hodgson.

They are described in the media as having “raw, unpolished talent…backed by squealing guitar riffs”, “supercharged indie rock” with “tons of attitude and loads of melody”.

Gigwise have called them “the perfect package”, The Gig Channel say “Trampolene combines poetry and rock’n’roll perfectly” and This Feeling say they “do not fail to deliver with their unique combo of garage rock, kitchen-sink poetry and acoustic heartbreakers.” Music website Gigslutz adding “the raw combination of the spoken word united with a weightier expression of rock rhythm symbolized This Feeling’s manifestation of exciting new talent”.

Their fourth and latest album, Rules Of Love And War will be officially released on March 23rd and there are still copies available that haven’t already been pre-sold. Head over to their website and grab what you can – they also have three other albums and a ton of goodies – so do it.

In the meantime, crank this up and get ready for Spring.

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