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Milt Jackson – Hank Jones Quartet – Live In Vienne – 1997 – Past Daily Downbeat

Milt Jackson – the immortal Bags.

Milt Jackson/Hank Jones Quartet – Live – Jazz Vienne Festival – July 10, 1997 – Radio France Musique –

Summit of Legends this weekend. The Milt Jackson – Hank Jones Quartet, featuring Ray Drummond on bass and Mickey Roker on drums. Recorded at Jazz Vienne, France on July 10, 1997 and broadcast by Radio France.

Two Jazz greats sharing the stage. Milt Jackson who, aside from an illustrious solo career and collaborator with a virtual who’s who, was also co-founder and backbone for The Modern Jazz Quartet. And Hank Jones, whose reputation as a pianist, composer and bandleader among colleagues and critics was eloquent, lyrical, and impeccable.

Together, a powerhouse performance at the 1997 Jazz Vienne Festival.

A very expressive player, Milt Jackson differentiated himself from other vibraphonists in his attention to variations on harmonics and rhythm. He was particularly fond of the twelve-bar blues at slow tempos. On occasion, Milt Jackson also sang and played piano.

Hank Jones recorded more than 60 albums under his own name, and countless others as a sideman, including Cannonball Adderley’s celebrated album Somethin’ Else. On May 19, 1962, he played piano as actress Marilyn Monroe sang her famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” song to then U.S. president John F. Kennedy.

In the early 1950s, Mickey Roker began to gain recognition as a sensitive yet hard-driving big-band drummer. He was especially favored by Dizzy Gillespie, who remarked of him that “once he sets a groove, whatever it is, you can go to Paris and come back and it’s right there. You never have to worry about it.” Roker was soon in demand for his supportive skills in both big-band and small-group settings.

The Jazz Vienne festival has been held since 1981 in the months of June and July for two weeks. Every evening during the festival, there are concerts in the ancient Roman theater of Vienne. Among the performers there have been musicians such as Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Michel Petrucciani, Ella Fitzgerald, Sonny Rollins, Lionel Hampton, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chuck Berry, Ike Turner, Céline Bonacina, Joe Zawinul, or Brad Mehldau. Many musicians have returned, like Herbie Hancock who has already performed more than a dozen times in Vienne. In addition to the main concerts there are smaller concerts on other stages in the city, as well as concerts in pubs and musical moves.

Sit back, relax and hit the Play button.

Hank Jones – Impeccable.

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