Your world '67.

And suddenly your word and everything in it got very bright.

It’s May 1967 – You’re A Teenager – You’re In High School – Your World Has Turned Day-Glo – You Can Thank Lord Tim For That – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles.

Bellflower Hi
And suddenly your world and your wardrobe got very bright.

KBLA – Lord Tim – May 1967 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

You probably have no memory of it – 1967 went by in a blur after all. Big chunks are missing – how and why things happened are mysterious shadows, even to this day.

But there you were, right in the middle of L.A. -hip and groovy center of the universe, and it was Spring.

Something about Spring 1967 and color – lots of color – color everywhere. Maybe you were imagining it. No – you weren’t. People around you were wearing paisley – skirts became lime-green. Pants were purple velvet. The world was turning Day-Glo. Your friends were talking about flashes and vapor trails and stared at potted plants. You heard rumors about bananas, but you didn’t know anybody who actually tried to smoke any. Lord Tim, who you listen to almost religiously on the radio, was seriously into Flower Power – because The Seeds were. And you liked The Seeds – you used to sneak into Bido Lito’s in Hollywood when they played there the year before. You had fake i.d. and practiced looking like you didn’t care. You had to be 18 to get in – you weren’t 18. You weren’t going to be for another year. You couldn’t wait that long – the world could be over by then, for all you knew.

Hollywood was your place – it was your home away from home. You had to sneak out of the house at night or tell your mom you were sleeping at a friends’ – or studying for tests. You made up every excuse in the universe. You always wondered if she actually believed you. She didn’t. She didn’t care as long as your grades were good and you did homework. However, she did point out more than a few times that if you got less than a B in any class, you were all moving to Pacoima. If you had to move away from Crescent Heights you would die – literally. She was serious. She circled real estate ads.

And it’s not even Summer yet.

To get and idea of how Flower Power was sweeping over L.A. (or at least part of it), here’s a blast of Lord Tim as he held court on KBLA sometime during the month of May 1967.

Groovy times were had by all even if you remembered them in Day-glo or not.

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