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This Is The Kit – aka: Kate Stables – Took a while but she finally made it.

– This Is The Kit – In session for Marc Riley (Riley & Coe Program) – BBC 6 Music – June 19, 2023 –

Starting off the week with a session from This Is The Kit – recorded for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music just earlier today.

This Is The Kit (aka: Kate Stables) has been around for a while, has always attracted a following, is one of those thoroughly delightful additions to that list of bands you just don’t get enough of. Around since 2003, This Is The Kit have issued six albums and a string of singles and have been slowly carving out a place in our music libraries.

If memory serves, I believe I first ran across This Is The Kit during the halcyon My Space days, or perhaps it was via the French series La Blogotheque Take Away Show in 2010. Whenever the first encounter was, it made a lasting impression (as it seems to with everyone else) and I’ve tried to run performances by them as much as I can.

This Is The Kit were a long-time favorite among various BBC Radio 6 Music DJs, which is where the musician and presenter Guy Garvey discovered them, playing their music frequently. Fellow 6 Music DJs Lauren Laverne, Radcliffe & Maconie, Cerys Matthews, and Mary Anne Hobbs have also been major supporters; DJ Marc Riley has hosted the band for three BBC live sessions to date, including this new one from just a few hours ago, making it appearance number four. BBC Radio 1 has offered the band spot plays via DJs Huw Stephens, Jen & Ally, and Phil Taggart.

If you’ve been hearing about This Is The Kit, but haven’t settled down with any of their six albums, it would do you good to press play and dive into this session. Warm feelings abound.

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