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Good News
Good News – while most bands were staring at the ceiling during lockdown, they were busy plotting.

Good News – In Session for Riley & Coe – BBC 6 Music – June 21, 2023 – BBC Radio –

Good News in session tonight, recorded and broadcast live only a day ago for the Riley & Coe program on BBC 6 Music.

One of the bands who were anything but idle during the period of the lockdown. Good News is a three piece post-punk/minimalist band who started off as friends in Sheffield. Vocalist Bethany and bass player Dan are husband and wife. Bethany knew Erin so they formed a band. Took advantage of the lockdown and spent much of the time rehearsing and writing. The end result is the release of their first single Kishki, sung in Russian because Bethany, the singer and multi-instrumentalist, studied Russian in school and spent a year in St. Petersburg and liked the idea of singing in Russian. Kishki, come to find out, is a rather filthy song, but apparently only the Russians would be offended by it. Russian vocals factor quite a lot in the upcoming debut ep by Good News. Ironically, it wasn’t Bethany’s intention to become the singer in the band. She initially got involved as the synthesizer player but it got lost along the way and Bethany became the guitarist.

With Kishki released (as of May 23rd) and their debut ep coming out shortly on Bingo Records, now is the time to promote and get the band noticed and playing and there are several dates lined up (so far) around their familiar territory of Sheffield, but that should change soon.

In the meantime – here’s what Good News did for Marc Riley and Gideon Coe only yesterday on BBC 6 Music.

Consider yourself introduced.

You can get Kishki here: Bandcamp

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